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  • 2nd Q.. - Wood Type
  • 3rd Q.. - Width
  • 4th Q.. - Shine
  • Finally... - Budget
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It 's all about the feeling . . .

Which of these pictures appeal to you most ?

Sumptuous, Cosy & Rustic

Chic, Dark & Mysterious

Modern, Classy & Stylish

Fresh, Light & Airy

Pricing ? . . .

Which type of flooring would you prefer ?

More (££) - Solid / Engineered

Less (££) - Laminate

I like both actually

Panel Width ?

Which picture do you prefer ?

Elegant & Wide

Narrow Sharper Lines

I don't mind, I like both

How About The Shine ?

Which picture do you prefer ?

Oooo Shiny! Glossy Finish

More Sedate Matt Finish

Both, I dont mind

Yes, it's that time . . .

Which picture best describes you ?

No Object! I'm Loaded!

Kinda average

On a budget

Almost there !

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